You are cleared for the SIMPLE approach! With iTerps!

When ALL you really want is current IFR Approach Plates on your iPad, then iTerps is the answer. iTerps delivers the most current FAA Terminal Procedures in a simple, easy to use App.

At each 28 day cycle, you download new charts on command to your iPad. Once downloaded using wi-fi, the charts are available to your disconnected, battery powered iPad in the cockpit. The same approach plates published by the FAA for a fraction of the annual cost of paper charts.

Download by State and carry just what you want or download the entire US TERPS library. Select a chart by City or search by 3- or 4-letter identifier. Amazing full size resolution or zoom in for details. The viewing size on the iPad is actually greater than that of the printed charts.

We keep it simple. It's the Right Stuff, without the Fluff !

Initial App and full chart download just $4.99

Only 99¢ whenever you wish to update to a fresh 28-day cycle

Search the App Store for keyword " iTerps "
...and get the charts !


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